Young Carers Stories

Safi Collage

Safi has been a carer since she was 10 years old for her mum who suffers from ME and CFS. She is currently studying film, television, media makeup and hair as a foundation course to enable her to follow her desired career in stage and special effects make up.

Safi’s mum recently sent YCDT some exciting updates:

YCDT has made a big difference to us as a family, by supporting Safi’s travel costs as well as helping to pay for the materials and equipment she needs for her course and to develop her skills.

She was struggling through school and she felt she wouldn’t achieve any of her GCSE’s. School put many things in place to help Safi but sadly then the pandemic hit so we found nothing was different to any other child.

YCDT helped with funding towards a tutor to help Safi with her Maths and English GCSE’s. We’re so grateful as we think it really helped her to achieve the fantastic grades she did. Knowing she had a place at this college, doing what she really wanted to do and enabling her to use her talents spurred her on to study hard. 

Prior to starting the course Safi would not venture far from home unless with her family due to anxiety and she would not speak to strangers at all. Since starting at college, her confidence has grown beyond our wildest dreams. She takes the bus on her own everywhere and speaks to strangers with ease. She has now also got a part time job in a restaurant in Bath which she never would have done before.

Young Carer SafiHer college grades have gone from strength to strength and we have no doubt she will do very well in her overall grades. We also expect her to do very well next year in the Special effects course which she’s very excited to start. 

Young Carers Development Trust also helped with a contribution to driving lessons and we are now thrilled to say she passed first time!

As a family we would like to say thank you for the support you have given her so far as it has helped us as a family, seeing her confidence and ability grow so much in less than a year.

Tracy & Tilly at lunch

Young Carer Tilly shares her experience of working with her Development Mentor.

It’s been really nice to have someone to talk to and get advice from outside of my family. It’s good to know there’s someone there just for me

Young Carer, Ashleigh


Ashleigh has been awarded a full bursary through the partnership work YCDT does with the Royal Springboard which means from September, she will be attending St Mary's College.

I never expected an opportunity like this and I can't wait to see where it takes me


Young Carer, Sammy

Sammy cares for his visually impaired mother. When YCDT first started supporting him, his relationship with his mother had broken down due to the stresses of juggling both caring and studying for his GCSEs (his schooling was suffering significantly). As a result of YCDT support Sammy is now flourishing and has grown academically as well as developing his independence and resilience.

With YCDT’s support Sammy did really well in his A’ Levels and is studying a BA in Business Management at UWE, something Sammy would not have considered he could achieve without YCDT. He feels very strongly that the support he received from his Development Mentors has been a key factor in his success.

Thank you for everything you’ve done for me. I know I wouldn’t be where I am now if it wasn’t for YCDT.

Young Carer, Scarlett

Scarlett, from Salisbury, is a young carer for her Mother who has mobility issues and epilepsy and her younger brother who suffers from severe asthma. Scarlett has a significant caring role and is extremely busy, with little time to herself. All of our young carers develop a close relationship with their mentor and Scarlett is no exception:

Without the support of Emily (and YCDT) there’s no way I would be thinking about going to university, let alone actually going. I never thought it was something for someone like me.

We are incredibly proud of Scarlett who found school and college very challenging. Scarlett's support has included tuition, trips to universities and a laptop. Scarlett is now studying Pediatric Nursing at UWE and is an Ambassador for YCDT.

There is honestly no way I could have done this without your support

Phoebe Image

Phoebe has a complex caring role and provides support for her younger sister who has Autism, her Father who has Epilepsy and Crohn's Disease, which includes fits as a side effect, as well as her Mother who has mobility issues. Phoebe has also faced her own challenges, she has Hypermobility Syndrome which can be very painful and her attendance at school has suffered due to this. Phoebe, 16 years old, wants to go to Cardiff University to study midwifery or psychology and then on to Durham University to further her studies into the Medical Field. Phoebe is in her second year of YCDT support which so far has included Maths and English tuition, a bus pass to college, and a laptop light enough for her to carry.

YCDT gave me the support I needed to build my confidence.
Young carer



I struggled initially to get to university…(My DM) ensured that I carried on with the path I had planned and ensured that I stayed determined to achieve what I could.


Young carer


(My DM) got tutors to help me in specific subjects and, without the help and support from him, I probably would not have got the grades I wanted. The Trust saw a potential in me.