About Us

The Young Carers Development Trust was established in 2012 by a small group of Trustees.

The Trustees’ vision has been shaped by their practical experience as senior executives in industrial, commercial and professional organisations and also by the success of the Rank Foundation’s School Leadership Award scheme, founded in 1978.

The Trustees believe their overall objective of improving the life chances of young carers will be achieved by establishing and continually developing a network of high-achieving young carers, willing to become active and inspiring role models for others from backgrounds similar to their own.

The strategy is to assist and support young carers who are providing a ‘significant level of care’ for a disabled or seriously ill family member.

This will:

  • address the imbalance and lack of diversity of opportunity experienced by them due to their caring responsibilities and
  • encourage them to strive for more ambitious goals and to advance in life.

The Trust achieves this by providing support and activities during key formative years.  This support develops our beneficiaries’ skills, capacities and capabilities which then enables them to participate in society as mature and responsible individuals and to inspire other individuals.


How the Trust Works 

The Board of Trustees work pro bono and have responsibilities within the organisation specific to their experience and skills.

The Charity Manager and Service Manager report directly to the Board of Trustees. Our approach is to work with local young carers services to identify young carers with real potential who are unlikely to succeed without targeted support. We take referrals once a year, a process that is managed by the Charity Manager and Service Manager. We then we match the young carer to a Development Mentor, a person who offers sustained long-term support and advice throughout the young carers' time with YCDT, and ‘manages their development’, speaking to or meeting with the young carers on a fortnightly basis. 

Through the trust, we aim to inspire young carers in the south-west to improve their life chances by offering them sustained and targeted support over a period of four years in order that they can pursue their education, training and career ambitions. Our beneficiaries are provided with targeted support to build on existing academic and practical abilities. In addition, our young carers benefit from guided access to the business, professional and academic network of Trustees. 

In addition to a development mentor, our support can include private tuition to help with the many missed lessons, study guides, equipment, travel costs to visit universities and support in finding work experience.  The young carers start with us prior to GCSEs, to enable help with those crucial exams. Initially, we often start with additional maths and/or english tutoring. The aim is to then see the young carers through to the end of the first year of further education.



The Trust fundraises for 100% of its income, and is supported by a variety of funding streams, including the generosity of grant-giving trusts and donations, private individuals, community funding and businesses.  The Trust’s accounts are filed with the Charity Commissioners and at Companies House.



At the Young Carers Development Trust we take safeguarding seriously and believe that protecting people from harm is everyone’s responsibility. The following has been agreed as YCDT's Statement of Intent.

Statement of Intent

It is the policy of the YCDT to safeguard the welfare of all children and young people by protecting them from all forms of abuse including neglect, physical, emotional and sexual harm. YCDT is committed to creating a safe environment in which young people can feel comfortable and secure while engaged in any of our programmes or activities.

YCDT's Safeguarding  and Child Protection Policy



The Young Carers Development Trust is a private company limited by guarantee and registered as a charity. It is regulated by Company law and the Charity Commissioners. Its governing document is its Articles of Association and Memorandum which have been appropriately amended and approved by the Board of Trustees

DBS checks have been carried out on all Trustees, staff and development mentors. In addition, anyone coming into direct contact with a beneficiary is required to complete a child protection course and all tutors are required to be DBS checked. All new Development Mentors undergo an induction by the Charity Manager and Service Manager.